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"The best vision is insight"

Creating Clarity

We are a full-service market research company that has evolved with changing market trends to become future fit by embracing  new technology.  This informs the way we propose  research solutions to clients by ensuring market insights within fast turnaround time frames.

We believe that to maximise the profitability of your business and to inform your strategic and operational decisions, you need information on which you are basing your conclusions to be independent, accurate and up to date.


Ground Control Research employs the best suitable technology platform to ensure high consumer response rates to address the problem at hand.   Be it CATI, CAPI  or online.  Our in-house technology platforms deliver ever greater opportunities to interface and develop human insights from target audiences through both quantitative and qualitative interactions.

We embrace the changing face of market research through the increasingly online contact with consumers on mobile phones, tablets, laptops, etc.  Technology has created the ability  to access respondents globally, collect and process insights instantaneously and peek inside the life of a respondent in real time whenever and wherever they happen to be.

To stay on top of the game, we have developed  online communities of consumers that provide a holistic solution to answering essential market questions.  These communities can be leveraged for market studies, product testing, music auditorium tests, central location studies all at a fraction of the traditional costs and timelines.

Whist Ground Control Research offers all varieties of research methodologies, the cost effectiveness of online research makes it possible to conduct a single study that, for example, can combine a lifestyle audit, programme testing, brand study, content evaluation and ad testing.

We offer:

Access to our established, online community of consumers to test and validate your market strategies and to provide business insights.


Establish your own bespoke community of consumers or customers for continuous interaction.


Our crowd sourced media community panel provides the perfect opportunity to source the wants and needs of listeners and non-listeners of your station.

Our ultimate goal is to provide you with relevant, reliable and actionable answers to your music programming questions employing our time-tested methods.

Go beyond music testing and ask market and perceptual questions about your station.  This facility is extremely valuable to stations in understanding their listeners and what keeps them ahead of the competition by understanding opportunities and potential.  Our crowdsourced community can be leveraged in order to obtain ‘big picture’ information

In addition, we can test non-musical audio content and video clips.  We can conduct polling surveys for opinions and specifics about their stations providing valuable feedback on numerous issues such as station imaging, the morning show, personalities, programme features, advertising recall to the music mix for example.


  • Bachelors of Arts - Industrial Psychology/Industrial Sociology (1991-1993), Rhodes University
  • Marketing Management Diploma (1994), Institute of Marketing Management(IMM)

Karon Clare

  • (B-Mus)(1974-1978) , University of Pretoria
  • Hon-Degree in Educational Psychology (1980-1981) , RAU (UJ)
  • Masters Degree in Educational Psychology (1982-1984) , RAU (UJ)
  • Doctors Degree in Research Psychology (1988) , UNISA
  • Hon-Degree in Human Resources (1990) , RAU (UJ)

Anina Maree



Since its inception Ground Control has worked extensively in the following sectors:

Fast Moving Consumer Goods

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