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Our digital solutions provide responsive market research insights, facilitated by the increasing online engagement of consumers on mobile phones, tablets and laptops.

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Company Overview

Embracing the uniqueness of both Africa and its consumers.

Ground Control Research is a leading digital media and consumer research company in Africa, and we take pride in embracing the uniqueness of both Africa and its consumers. Our evolution is marked by our ability to adapt to changing market trends and our commitment to remaining future-ready through the adoption of new technologies.

Our digital solutions provide responsive market research insights, facilitated by the increasing online engagement of consumers on mobile phones, tablets and laptops. Technology has empowered us to connect with respondents worldwide, allowing us to collect and process insights instantly, and to gain real-time insights into respondent’s life, regardless of their location.


Featured Services

Our technology platforms open ever increasing opportunities to engage with and gain valuable insights from target audiences through both quantitative and qualitative interactions.


What distinguishes us is our extensive experience in conducting media, particularly radio audience surveys – both qualitative and quantitative – for major media groups in South Africa. We are expanding our reach beyond South Africa to offer digital solutions that are responsive, cost effective and relevant to African consumers.

Our radio audience research solutions are designed to deliver tactical music and content insights, empowering you to create programming that precisely caters to your target audience.


Our strategic market studies provide valuable insights and clarity, enabling you to develop strategies for audience retention and growth. We help you understand the current competitive landscape across various media platforms and how it impacts your media offerings to better serve audience needs.


Online music tests are crucial tactical tool for growing your music station’s audience. These tests encompass music mapping to determine the ideal music position for your station, a powerful tool for shaping your station’s sound.

Testing many back catalogue tracks is essential for any music radio station’s success. The key to effectiveness of music testing lies in recruiting respondents whose profiles are representative of the station’s current and potential growth points.


Are you seeking to enhance and optimize the music strategy for your radio station? We specialize in refining your music library through the following:

  • Segmentation: We create divisions within your music library, grouping songs based on familiarity and likeability levels.
  • Collaboration: Our team collaborates with the programming team to fine-tune the play mix, identifying songs that should be played more or less frequently.

The outcomes of the Music Mapping and Online Music tests play a crucial role on determining the architecture of your music library. The process aligns it with the strategic direction your station aims to pursue.


Staying in tune with the ever-changing trends and lifespan of current hits is a formidable task. Playing the right song at the right time is critical. Weekly or bi-weekly call out song tracking provides the insights to make informed decisions about music rotations.


As music streaming and podcasts become popular additions to radio listening, they compete for “Share of Ear”. Regular content testing helps keep your personalities, features, and other content competitive.


Podcasts can be standalone products or extensions of the broadcast experience. We offer insights to ensure that the product you provide satisfies the demands of both your broadcast and podcast audience.


Qualitative and quantitative consumer insights using technology platforms

We provide both qualitative and quantitative consumer insights using technology platforms tailored to meet the objectives and scope of your projects.

Our investment in technology and people enables our digital community to yield high quality response rates within a relatively quick timeframe and in a more cost-effective manner. We actively maintain and update our market research community to assist you in sampling your unique target audience.

We offer:

Access to our established online community of consumers for testing and validating your market strategies and gaining valuable business insights.
The option to establish your own customised community of consumers or customers for ongoing interactions.

Welcome to Our Media Space Community

Media Space Community

Unraveling the Intricacies of Media Consumption Among Members

Established in 2017, Media Space is a digital market research community designed to unravel the intricacies of media consumption among its members. Over time, Media Space has evolved, transforming into a resource leveraged to help clients understand a wide spectrum of consumer, media, and shopper behaviours.

Our community members, having willingly opted in, are self-appointed, ensuring they are motivated to provide accurate and timely responses to your questions. The Media Space community is diverse, comprising members from various backgrounds, demographics, and geographic locations. Each panel member possesses a meticulously captured demographic profile, facilitating better, faster, and more targeted sampling.

Driven by our investment in technology and people, our digital community stands as a tool to secure high quality responses rates swiftly and in a cost-effective manner. As you strategize your next move, ensure your business decisions are supported by high quality data. We actively refresh and update our market research community to assist you in sampling your unique target audience.

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